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Natural Cures Tips

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 Herbal remedies are getting popular among the people across the globe. It is estimated that approximately half of the population in many developed and developing countries frequently use some form of alternative medicines particularly herbal medicine. A cross- sectional descriptive survey was conducted to assess the beliefs and perceptions regarding the use of herbal remedies among the users and sellers of herbal remedies.

 A cross sectional survey using a qualitative approach for data collection i.e. interviews were conducted among 20 patients and their attendants, including both adult male and females visiting the outpatient clinics at one of the private tertiary care hospital of Karachi, Pakistan. Separate interviews were conducted from five herbal shopkeepers and five homeopaths running separate clinics. Verbal consent was taken before the interviews from the study participants.

 Majority of the patients and their attendants' believed that herbal remedies are more effective than the modern medicinal approaches. They are pure; carry fewer side effects, cheap and easily available. People come for the herbal treatments as a last resort when they can not find cure from allopathic medicine. The shopkeepers were found to be knowledgeable regarding the dose, effect, uses and accessibility of these herbs nonetheless the knowledge was mainly experiential based.

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Evidence-based Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) should be promoted as it is popular among the general population, is cost-effective and the outcomes of the treatments could be very efficacious. The state regulatory authorities should play a crucial role in terms of recognition of CAM, financing and appreciating training and research in this field.

Complementary alternative medicine; Traditional medicine; Herbal remedies; Pakistan.








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